Anyone who sets foot on the soil of the city of Korcula, which is located on the same island of the Adriatic Sea, will be thrilled by the beauty of elegant palaces and cobbled streets as the sun merges with the blue sea in the background. Streets are arranged in the shape of a fish bone to reduce the impact of winter winds. There is no storm that evening and during the summer knows that blow not stop smiling from the face of the inhabitants of Korcula while attentive to tourists show where this house of Marco Polo, on which they are particularly proud.
The turbulent history of Korcula can be seen in each of its stone and building, and many tourists stopping in front of the Cathedral of St. Mark, Peter’s Palace, Palace Arneri, Gabriellis palace, museums, galleries and souvenir shops. City tower Revelin was built in 1391, and today in its exhibition spaces uniforms and swords knight games with swords Moreska, and souvenirs related to the history of Korcula and the Moreska.
According to Mark Korcula birth indicates a document from the 15th century, after which the family Polo originated from Dalmatia. In honor of Marco Polo in Korcula open the museum, and in front of his house torn map from his travels.
On Korcula tourists come from around the world, and in addition to enjoying the architecture on this island can satisfy the palate in the many restaurants and taverns. Meet the stone city, discover the hidden streets passing the ornate facade of elegant palaces, walking the cobbled streets as the sun merges with the sea at sunset.