Croatia is known for its beautiful landscapes, that the real brilliance obtained under snow. In Croatia there are only a few ski  resorts such as: Sljeme, Bjelolasica, Platak, Petehovac, Velebno, Mukinje. Croatia is an ideal choice for families, young people who want to spend a weekend with skiing, skiers and snowboarders beginners, weekend hikers and all those who do not have money to go skiing abroad, will be satisfied with Croatian snow.

Sljeme Skijanje

Ski resort Sljeme – only twenty minutes to drive from the city center. Ski slopes and ski lifts are situated on the peak ridge and on the north slopes of mountain Medvednica. The ski slopes begin almost on the very top of the mountain and continue to spread gently across the peak ridge on the Bijela livada (White Meadow) towards east and steeply towars north on the Crveni spust (Red Slope). Next to the Crveni spust (Red Slope) on the north side of the ridge there are also Zeleni (Green), Plavi (Blue) and Bijeli (White) Slopes. Total length of the slopes is about 4.000 meters.  A lighting system allows for night skiing on the Crveni (Red) Slope and Bijela livada (White Meadow). If you get hungry in the surrounding houses are always offering baked bread, sausages, sandwiches and drinks.


Ski resort Bjelolasica – an ideal place for vacation, skiing, snowboarding and sports throughout the year in the beautiful natural surroundings of Gorski Kotar.  If this winter you choose for your vacation Croatian Olympic Center, Bjelolasica, you made ​​a good choice. It offers skiing, cross country skiing, sledding, pleasant walks, a variety of programs, and apartments, hotels, restaurants with affordable prices. Bjelolasica is the largest Ski resort in Croatia. To all who visit this ski resort there is a program for initial, advanced and specialized learning of skiing and snow-boarding.


Ski resort Platak – this small family ski resort is located near Rijeka. From the top of ski lift (1363 meters) you can enjoy the sea view. Platak offers many opportunities for recreation and relaxation throughout the year.  If this winter you choose for your ski vacation Platak accommodation can be found in one of two mountain lodges, lodges are open during the whole year, prices are affordable.  Ski Resort Platak, except skiing offers other types of winter fun. Trails for the motor sledging is located in the valley Pribenis, about 1 km in length. Ski equipment can be rented on the spot. Traditionally on Tuesdays and Fridays between 19:00 and 22:00 hours you can enjoy night skiing on perfectly sunlit path Radeševo ​​1, and on the part of trail known as Zavoj 19.

Petehovac Platak

Ski resort Petehovac – located at about 1050m. about 3 kilometers away from Delnice.  Petehovac, private ski resort that made by Croatian businessman from Canada. Ski length is about 350 meters, a daily edited and maintained. Because of its small slope and width of ski trails it is ideal for first ski steps, for both adults and children. Ski resort offers night skiing every day between 18 and 20:30 hours. The lighting is good so no problem either for beginners or children.



Velebno Petehovac

Ski Resort Velebno is located in Baska Oštarije. There are two ski slopes, 500 meters and 800 meters length. At a distance of only 2 km from the ski resort is a wonderful view of the Adriatic sea and islands. Besides the track there is also a toboggan run. Ski equipment can be rent on site.





Mukinje Velebno

Ski-slopes Mukinje – located within the Plitvice Lakes National Park and is just 800 meters from the central zone of the National Park.  Mukinje offers 3 ski slopes with total length of 1 km.  In the ski center you can rent ski equipment and sets, and after enjoying the day or night skiing and sledging on natural snow, look for accommodation in one of the many villas, hotels and apartments on offer.  If  you choose for your vacation Mukinje and Plitvice lakes, you made ​​a good choice. It offersskiing, night skiing, pleasant walks, and numerous apartments, hotels, restaurants with affordable prices .



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