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Geographical location and natural features of Croatia, make hunting a variety of wildlife throughout the country. In the eastern lowland Croatian regions, Slavonia and Baranja, it is possible to hunt deer, roebuck, wild boar, and the small, hairy and feathery fowl. In central Croatia it is also possible to hunt all the wildlife above, while in the area of Lika and Gorski Kotar it is possible to hunt bear and grouse. On the coast of Dalmatia, the special attraction is hunting chamois and mouflon, and the specific types of smallgame birds that inhabits high altitudes like the rock partridge, grouse and the hryvnia. For each ofthese areas, in addition to a variety of hunting game, and a specific way of hunting, hunting practices, breeds of hunting dogs, etc. Republic of Croatia represents a unique natural environment where on a relatively small area one can find great variety of nature phenomena, all tied in the wonderful bond of the Mediterranean, the Alps and the Pannonia. Croatia is a country of arich hunting tradition, attractive hunting areas and diverse wildlife.  Croatia possesses numerous undisturbed natural oases wherein there abide all three of great European predators: bear, wolf and lynx. In a Croatia of 5.6 million hectares, almost 5,3 is a hunting area. Tikveš, Breznica, Spacva and Papuk are some of the finest hunting areas with many years of experience in red deer management and can provide a quality hunting service and abundance of game. Ukoliko želite u lov na srnu, preporucujemo hunting which are situated in Medimurje region in the northern part of Croatia, just an hour drive from Zagreb. Croatia also offers the best hunting grounds for hunting wild boar. Croatia is divided into 21 counties and the majority of them has its own hunting alliance.

Croatian Hunting Association is an association of Croatian hunting acting through the County Hunting Association and the Hunting Association of Zagreb, its membership has about 60,000 fighters. Croatian Hunting Association is a Croatian hunting in the country and abroad. Concerned with the protection of nature conservation, breeding and proper hunting game. Conducted training for hunters, gamekeepers and assessors game trophies.

Zelendvor  is one of the oldest and finest hunting grounds in Croatia which is founded in year 1870 and placed in the vicinity of baroque town Varaždin in north-west Croatia. The hunting ground owned by Zelendvor spreads over 8,500 hectares and is rich with pheasants , grey partridge , quail , woodcock , snipe, rabbits and brown hares. Exactly hunt on these species makes Zelendvor famous for individual and group hunting. Hunting can be organised according to hunters’ own preferences, either individually, with their own dogs, or accompanied by our own field masters and beaters.

Commercial hunting “Radinje” – hunting is partially processed, lowland type, situated along the Sava River between Nova Gradiska and Slavonski Brod area of ??4135 hectares owned by Croatian Forests and petty lords and larger species of wildlife. Of the larger small kind of animals there are that are red deer, wild boar and deer, and from small kind of animals there are pheasant, rabbit, ducks, geese and quail. Hunting area has a long tradition and attracts hunters from different countries.

Hunting ground “Finag” was founded in 1995th year and is regarded as one of the best hunting grounds in Croatia. “Finag” hunting is open plan and includes lowland hilly terrain of the northern slopes Moslavacka gora and spread over 4,500 hectares in which there are two closed frame lines one of which is the fallow deer, and the other for wild boar. It is cultivated different game, pheasant and rabbit through deer to deer and fallow deer and wild boar and mouflon. Especially interesting combo hunting deer and wild boar, which is attracting increasing attention of hunters from all over the Croatian and abroad.

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Croatia is a country rich in fishing opportunities. For the angler there are various small and bigger fish to be caught all along the Adriatic Coast , as well as various fresh water fish species in many of the rivers and lakes. Local people in Croatia have long fishing tradition so it will always be somebody to give visitor info and tip where and how to fish. Fishing in the areas of National nature parks Brijuni, Kornati and Mljet is regulated by nature protection law. Fishing is also prohibited in special reserves, estuaries of the river Dragonja, Mirna, Raša, Riječina, Zrmanja, Jadro, Žrnovnica, Cetina, Neretva and Rijeka Dubrovačka, as well in the Lim channel, Medulin bay and bay Klimno on the island Krk.

The open sea gives you the feeling of freedom and peace when driving close to dolphins and turtles. If you decide to fish in the sea, there are organized tours by boat that will give you unforgettable experience.

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