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In Croatia, there are many traditional spas and thermal baths. The hot springs are mainly located in the Pannonian Plain and the northwest of the country in Zagorje. Spa resorts are rich with thermal springs and surrounded by nature that relaxes you. Around the hot springs are located health resorts that are at a global level. From the ancient Ottoman tradition of bathing in Turkish baths (hammams) to the  use of sauna in culture of Scandinavian countries, each of the world’s great cultures has its own unique wellness tradition. And Croatia is no exception. The Croatian word for “spa” is toplice. And in Croatia you’ll find everything from luxurious spas in 5-star hotels to thermal spring-fed healing pools in natural surrounds scattered across the country.

The Istrian thermal resort is situated on the northwest part of the peninsula Istria in Croatia. It is 35 km distant from Porec, 10 km   from Buzet, only 40 km far from the Italian border and 10 km from the Slovenian border. The Istrian thermal resort is settled in the   untouched nature outside the city where greenery, quiet and peace offer a particular atmosphere for your perfect repose. The Istrian thermal resort is placed at the foot of the very famous huge rock, 85 meters high, with the mineral spring Sveti Stjepan   on the underside. This spring is well known for its hot water full of minerals (13 sorts), with high content of sulphur and optimal   degree of radioactivity, and it has been proved scientifically and in practice that it improves treatment of chronic rheumatic diseases,  dermatological diseases, upper respiratory tract diseases, gynaecological diseases and post-operative rehabilitation. Such natural therapeutic properties of the water distinguish the Istrian thermal resort from other European thermal springs placing it at the third position of the European rank-list by the quality of water and therapeutic properties.

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Istarske toplice   Istarske toplice

Krapinske Spa (akratoterme) are known for its thermal spas, situated in a quiet and beautiful valley surrounded by picturesque hills of Croatian Zagorje. Termal water comes from 4 sources. The water temperature at the springs is 39-41º C. Thermal springs rich in restorative minerals such as calcium, magnesium and hydro-carbonate. Many people come to the village to take the healing waters after undergoing surgical and neurological procedures related to the musculoskeletal system. Krapinske Water Spa was rated as the sixth the best quality thermal water in Europe. Water proved to be particularly suitable for rheumatism, diseases of the spine, neuro-muskulaturne problems, diabetes with joint complications, post-traumatic conditions before and after orthopedic, surgical and neurosurgical procedures on the musculoskeletal system of the body, heart disease and peripheral vascular disease, improving postinfarction and postoperative state. Krapinske Spa is located 45 km north-west of Zagreb, at an altitude of 155 m.

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Krapinske Toplice   Krapinske Toplice

The Tuhelj Thermae are located in the centre of Hrvatsko Zagorje, some 40 km from Zagreb.  The beneficial effects of thermal waters and medicinal mud, combined with the moderate continental climate, make the Tuhelj Thermae a very desirable destination. The Water Planet offers relaxation and fun on the beach and the surrounding facilities spread over 15 000 m2, and additional 5 000 m2 of water area with a variety of water effects and recreational facilities. The indoor bathing area includes 4 pools – a wellness pool with whirlpool effect and hydro-massage, a swimming pool, a children’s pool and the therapy pool with underwater therapies. The outdoor bathing area includes a recreational pool for relaxation and hydro-massage with water toboggans and a 250m long slow river, a pool with waves, a children’s pool with a water castle and toboggans and a pool with toys for the toddlers. The world of saunas, covering an area of 1000 m2, includes 3 Finnish saunas (bio-ionizing sauna with crystals, extreme sauna and a programmable sauna with chromo-therapy), 3 steam saunas (salt-sauna, mud sauna, dual-effect steam sauna), laconicum, whirlpool, cold water pool, ice pit, kneipp track, different areas for relaxation with water beds, rocking chairs and resting places, nudist terrace and a wellness bar. The SPAeVITA beauty care centre rounds off the supply with 11 cabins for facial and body care treatments, pedicure, manicure, solarium, soft pack, baths in thermal water and medicinal mud.


Terme Tuhelj   Terme Tuhelj

Varazdin thermae – in a gentle valley situated between the picturesque green hills of Croatian Zagorje, with a history that dates back to the early Stone Age, lies the town of Varazdin Toplice.Vec in ancient times Varazdin spa was known as Aquae Iasae spas, and their importance lies in the fact that in the 4th century, was rebuilt by the Roman Emperor Constantine. Just in tisuculetnoj tradition of using thermal sulfur waters and peloids of healing from natural sources is based on the work of the Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Varazdin Spa. Water Varaždin Spa’s mineral-calcium-sodium-hydrocarbonate sulphate, sulfuric hypertherma 58° C.

Varazdin Spa today are synonymous with fashionable resort in which there is a modern thermal area and a rehabilitation center.

Varaždinske toplice   Varaždinske toplice

Stubicke thermae are located at the foot of the northern slopes of the gentle valley Medvednica Croatian Zagorje, the thermal springs, at the end of the mild climate and rich forest vegetation. Natural healing factor Stubicke Spa’s thermal waters, the source temperature to 69° C and is rich in calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), bicarbonate (HCO 3) hipotermna sulphate (SO4). Healing water helps cure:  consequences of polytrauma conditions after surgeries and reconstructional operations in the movement system, conditions after neuro-surgical operations, degenerative illnesses of joints and spine, inflamed rheumatic illnesses and rheumatological arthritis and ankylotic spondylithis, extra-articular rheumatism, disturbances of the functions of peripheral and central nervous system, conditions after surgeries of blood vessels of the limbs and peripheral blood – vessel diseases, conditions after sports injuries.

Stubicke toplice   Stubicke toplice

Daruvar thermae has developed special type of health tourism just because of these natural benefits. „Daruvarske toplice“ is specialised in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, medical rehabilitation, recreation and health tourism. It has also long tradition in the treatment of gynaecological diseases using natural healing factors – thermal water and mineral mud. People throughout this area have taken care of their health for two millennia. Tourism has been developed owing to protected environment and optimal combination of natural healing factors and sophisticated treatments of rheumatic diseases, medical rehabilitation and sports recreation. In this spa town, in ancient times named “Aquae Balissae”, the first springs of healing thermal water were arranged in 288 BC. Average water temperature is 46,6°C.

Druvarske toplice   Druvarske toplice

Whether you have chronic medical ailments, or just want to enjoy the delights of spa hedonism , there’s a world-class wellness center in Croatia that will give you that satisfaction.



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