Croatia is a coastal country, bathed in the sun, the wind and the waves of the beautiful Adriatic. On its fertile soil grows a number of varieties of vines, which said conditions extremely agreeable. There is a long tradition of grape-growing and wine production, spread throughout most parts of the country, and viniculture is a traditional way of life.

In Dalmatia, the Greeks and Romans first started growing vines, and Croats continue and improve it. The entire history of Dalmatia is closely connecting with the production of wine, literary, artistic, economic and political. Winemaking represents the main branch of production in Dalmatia, half of the population engaged in agricultural breeding stock. Processing of grapes is done in modern wineries and cellars. Dalmatian wines are the best quality because of the abundance of soil crag and solar heat.

Due to the differences of climate and soil conditions viticultural areas of the Republic of Croatia is divided into two regions: the continental Croatia and the Croatian coast. Each region is divided into sub-regions, vineyards and winemaking positions.

In Croatia you will meet extremely friendly hosts around the country and if you wish, you can enjoy the incredible and indescribable taste of this divine drink.

In the successful family winery you can taste wines of superior quality. About Two-thirds of production constitute the white wines that are characteristic of the continental region, while red wines produced mainly in the costal region.

In Istria you can find the largest number of family producers with their own label, and we recommend that you try red wine made from Dubrovnik basement. There are organized tours that include a visit to the wine cellars of renowned manufacturers. Visit the famous vineyards can be a wonderful experience. You can enjoy the rich flavors and ambience of the centuries-old cellars and vineyards. Your guides to the world of Croatian wines will be professional winemakers whose families have grown grapes here for hundreds of years. Visit the famous vineyards can turn into an adventure and indulge in all your senses to enjoy.

One thing is for sure, you’ll enjoy this beautiful country that is rich in natural and cultural sites. A pleasure will be greater, if in one of the cafes along the beautiful Adriatic coast, order a glass of wine and enjoy the sound of the waves.

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