Territorial largest city in Croatia Gospic. It covers an area of up to 967 km2, while the Zagreb area of only 641 km2. Gospic area even larger than the one Croatian counties. Medimur County covers only 729 km2. Licki city is bigger than Berlin, Barcelona, Paris and many other big cities in the world, and is home to only about 13 thousand people.
Of course, Gospic is so great because of the statistical trick. In the total area of the surface is counted as many as 50 settlements belonging to it and the space between them. Gospic is a town in Croatia, the Lika-Senj County and the seat of the Gospic-Senj Diocese.
City of Gospic, with extremely interesting and rich traditional culture and thanks to a suitable position as the crossroads from the north to the south, and then the development of road and rail traffic, but in the late 19th and early 20th century meets the category of tourism, or begins to develop its own indigenous tourism product and tourist offer that in the present conditions we recognize as hunting, fishing, hiking, and sightseeing tourism.
Near Gospic, only 4 km away is the village of Veliki Zitnik, birthplace of the great Croatian historian ‘’Father of the Country ‘’Dr. Ante Starcevic, where you can visit the memorial house of the same name.
In the Velebit village of Smiljan, located 6 km from Gospic, located memorial house and a memorial museum world-renowned scholars and researchers in the field of Electrical Engineering Nikola Tesla.
Only 10 km from Gospic are the remains of the ruins of the medieval town of Buzim. An old legend says that once upon a time two princesses traveled this region.
One of them, Gospava was seriously ill, butget drunk the water from the river that flowed here, healed and gave her the name of Lika. Here he built his tower, which was named after her Gospic.
There is a legend according to which the tower was used in ancient times stood a small church with a statue of Our Lady with Jesus in her arms, and that the Gospic won in that name.