Golden war ‘’revived’’ due to strong winds and on its brink received nearly a spiral shape. Wind had arranged the way it fits, but this change, thankfully, is not permanent, and will beach the first opportunity to get their old form.
The beach is located in Bol, on the southern coast of the island of Brac, and this is not the first time the wind changes the shape and position. Because in this area of strong winds blowing beach is especially popular among those who are fans of windsurfing. Bol is true of the strongest tourist center and destination for the most beautiful on the island. One of the protective symbol of Bol is the largest beach “Golden war “, which many know as it usually decorates Croatian postcards.
Interestingly, the “Golden war” constantly change shape under the influence of winds and ocean currents, to one side or the other. With its exceptional beauty and specific form has become a trademark of Bol and Croatian.