Dinara is a mountain in the Dinara mountains on the border of the Republic of Croatian and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dinara shares Livno field of Sinj, and makes natural border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatian.
The highest peak, Gradina (1913 m) is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a top Sinjal or Dinara (1831 m) the highest peak in Croatia. Dinara is not only the highest Croatian peak, but also one of the particularly beautiful mountains. Its southwestern rocks, several hundred meters high, the size of an astonishing and eye-catching anyone who finds himself in her foot, and her special beauty at the same time provide rich flower meadows and forests that do not give off that it is an area of ​​anhydrous rubble. It is known that the mountain Dinara gave name to the whole mountain area of ​​Slovenian Alps to the Sharr mountains in Macedonia. Dinara is a natural border between Bosnia and Dalmatia.
Like other mountain in the rubble, Dinara is mostly arid and so every drop of water since ancient times particularly appreciated, especially in the higher parts of the mountain. Plinth Dinara can even say that is rich in water. Next to the village of Kovacic, today speak Knin suburbs, a cliff 22 meters high crashes picturesque waterfall Krcica, Topoljski buk.

Many in Croatia are not aware of how much the interest of foreigners, who in the summer as tourists visiting our shores, to climb on the Dinara.