Motovun is a town and municipality in Croatia, in Istria. The best preserved medieval fortress of Istria peninsula, which developed on the top of a steep hill. In prehistoric times, the illyrian and celtic tribes built their fortresses on the site of Motovun. His name is also of celtic origin, and is derived from the word Montona, which means city in the mountains.

The romanesque-gothic bell tower serrated battlements of the 13th century to the Parish Church of St. Stephen from the 17th century. On the central square is the romanesque municipal palace, the largest secular building in Istria of that period surrounded by many other historic buildings. Here are held numerous events, the most significant among them international Motovun film festival held in late july and attended by the famous film artists from around the world.

Motovun forest, which stretches along the Mirna river valley is especially rich in truffles, underground fungi. Motovun is surrounded by vineyards from which the finest Istrian wines, white malvasia and red wine teran and in the surrounding area is dotted with excellent taverns and restaurants. Nearby are the Istrian thermal, thermal spa with curative water.