Sea Organ in Zadar are a unique architectural achievement, an interesting and original combination of architecture and music. Unlike ordinary organ driven bellows or air pump, the sound of these organs occurs under the influence of the energy needs, and the waves and tides. They are located on the west part of the waterfront near the Sun Salutation.
Sea organ was officially opened on 15 April 2005 at the Zadar waterfront, marking the completion of the part of the Istrian coast and King Petar Kresimir IV.
This is a blend of human ideas and skills with the energy of sea waves, tide and flood, a place for relaxation, contemplation and conversation, with the constant concert of the mystical tones “orchestra of Nature.” The stairs extend to seventy meters of coastline, divided at the lowest section, below which, the tide level, spit built 35 pipes of different length, diameter and slope, which obliquely rise to coastal poločanja and end in a canal . The air pushed by a wave of water from the wider to narrower profile, in order to gain acceleration and sound have been produced in a whistle (LABIUMS – whistles) located in the corridor under the seafront promenade, where sound (through mystical openings in the stone) out in space walks. The instrument has seven clusters of five assorted tones derived from the matrix Dalmatian a capella singing. As the energy of the sea is unpredictable in countless modifications tide, low tide, size, strength and direction, so the eternal sea organ concert unique in countless musical variations, its author and interpreter of nature itself.