Croatia is a country of origin of the oldest Slavic alphabet. On the development of the Croatian language, we can speak only after the appearance of Glagolitic and Cyrillic, two letters custom Slavic language from the vicinity of Thessaloniki, where the brothers Cyril and Methodius with his disciples spread Christianity among Slavs. This is the language of the sacred books – Church Slavonic or Old Slavic. Gradually the books written in the Church Slavonic language words and creep characteristics of the Croatian language, so our first monuments mixed Church Slavonic – Croatian.

Croats developed a special form of the Glagolitic script, which is called angular Glagolitic. In that letter around 1100 years. created the most valuable Glagolitic monument in Croatia – Baska Tablet. It was found in the village of Jurandvor near Baska on the island. It is important because the language document (the first Croatian full text), historical document (the name of King) and a legal document (grants).