River Una makes a large part of the natural boundaries of Croatian and Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the source of the mountain river, and to go to the mouth, becomes a lowland river. Total length of the Una is about 212 km. The mouth is in Jasenovac, where it flows into the river Sava. The latest research and diving into the source of the Una reached the depth of 205 meters, but the bottom has been found.

Great impesivni and popular “Strbački buk” is located on the Una River, which is in that part of the natural border between the two neighboring countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Croatian. Legend has it that the river Una was named at the time of the Roman Empire. Conquering new territory and the arrival of the Romans in this area, meeting for the first time this river and seeing her beauty, rumbling waterfalls and impeccable cleanliness exclaimed UNA! Which when translated means “one”, “the only one”, “unique”. It has simply have a magical and magnetic ability which is hard to resist.

Source Una River reminiscent of a small lake greenish blue color around which are stacked high limestone walls. Very cold spring water behind the immense power of the underworld and creates strong whirlpools. After only 20 meters from the source of the first waterfall. Manner of an experienced sculptor Una creates amazing circuits and forms. “Martinbrodske waterfalls” called “small Plitvice lakes”, but for its beautiful as waterfalls at “Strbacki buk”, RIPC, Bihac and Warbler.

Three rivers, majestic waterfalls, high canyons, medieval towers, forest resources, the possibility of many sporting activities, the reasons for which are coming to the National Park Una.