Varazdin is a city in northwestern Croatia, located along the Drava River and the center of the Varazdin County. In a cave near Vindija Varazdin found the best preserved remains of Neanderthals in the world, about 30,000 years old.
According to archaeological finds, the city area was inhabited in Roman times, as evidenced by the names of the two currently existing street – Via and Via Militum Petovia (today Braca Radic and Optujska).
Varazdin history is closely linked with the history of medieval Varazdin county. Varazdin was the first city in northwestern Croatia which received a charter of a free royal city.
Since its inception, the development of the Middle Ages until today, Varazdin has always been a city that its residents would like, and guests admired him and praised him.
This distinctive city located on the edge of the Pannonian Plain, strongly attracts visitors and has always been considered one of the most beautiful Croatian cities. What makes Varazdin different from other cities is its unique monumental and artistic heritage with the best preserved and richest urban complex.
With the Old Town in a relatively small area remain preserved palaces and villas in the style of Baroque, Rococo, Art Nouveau and one of the oldest European city halls.