Brijuni islands National Park in the Adriatic Sea, on the Croatian Adriatic. Situated a few kilometers west of the Istrian coast, opposite the town of Pula. They consist of 14 islands and islets.

Brijuni islands, one of the true gems of Istria, situated almost at the northwestern edge of the Pula harbor. The group of islands consists of two large islands, Big and Small Brijun, and 12 islets. The inhabited in prehistoric times, are particularly valued as an outstanding place in Roman times, when, as in the whole of southern Istria, springing mainly large country houses with luxury villas. The grandest is certainly complex and mansion castle in the Gulf Chains built in the first century after Christ.

Since 1983, the Brijuni islands is protected and has the status of a national park. Today, Brijuni recognized around the world and a must for foreign and domestic tourists who come to visit Istria. Separated from the former of Istria, were Brijuni islands. Nowhere so much oak and laurel in one place and under the shade of the trees and twenty meters wide. Islands are beautiful images of nature that is cultivated man for your most comfortable stay in the luxury of greenery, landscaped scenery to extreme tameness and smell and proximity to the sea.

The man has shaped the nature according to their needs and created an unusual landscape in the Adriatic that are readily visited by numerous statesmen, famous actors, musicians, artists, scientists, aristocrats and other prominent figures. Brijuni have always remained synonymous with comfort break.