The church of Saint-Ignatius in Dubrovnik – it’s been built as a baroque church on a hill with representative facade modeled on the church of Saint-Ignatius in Rome. The project was developed by Andrea Pozzo and the construction was finished in 1725. Illusionist baroque frescos inside with the scenes from life of Saint-Ignatius Loyola were […]

The fortresse Lovrijenac is located on a cliff, 37 m above sea level, on the west side of Dubrovnik. It is famous by wedding ceremonies and performances. It’s the most important symbol of resistance to the Republic of Venice. At the entrance to the fortress is an inscription in Latin: “NON BENE PRO TOTO LIBERTAS […]

The whole city of Dubrovnik is today a big cultural and historical monument. The most well-known landmark of the city is its architecture, its famous walls and towers that protect the city. The most impressive tower is the tower Minceta from the second half of 15th century – the symbol of Dubrovnik. For better city […]

Located on the Dalmatian Riviera, Dubrovnik is an ideal blend of history and modernity. It’s a city that through centuries succeeded in maintaining the authenticity of a unique urban unity surrounded by city walls and decorated with Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic churches, monasteries, palaces, fountains, towers and monuments. Dubrovnik is an important cultural destination that […]



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