MESTROVICEVE CRIKVINE KASTILAC “The church and its contents are destined to our people primarily to its broad layers that as you may know live still in their own religious traditions and it was my wish that that people too find thzir satisfaction, not only those who are educated in the arts.”  (From the letter of […]

FOR LOVERS OF ART AND CULTURE – IVAN MEŠTROVIĆ Mestrovic Gallery in Split has a large number of the artist’s masterpieces. We peeked inside the Gallery and will try to transfer a small part of what you can see. Lovers of art and culture will certainly not stay indifferent in front of the photos we […]

TROGIR – CITY SIGHTS Trogir is a living monument of medieval art and architecture, city with 2300 years of tradition. The rich culture was created under the influence of the ancient Greeks, Romans and Venetians. Concentration of palaces, churches, towers, fortress on the island of Trogir deserves the nickname “STONE BEAUTY”. The historical core of […]

TROGIR – THE HEART OF DALMATIA Trogir is a city located on the Croatian Adriatic coast. It is located in the center of Dalmatia, so it could be called a heart of Dalmatia. In 1997 the city was declared under the protection of UNESCO. It is largely located on a small island. One pedestrian and […]

HVAR is one of the oldest island towns in Europe. Hvar has a rich historical heritage and magnificent architecture. The city of Hvar is dominated by buildings such as the town’s castle Fortress, Croatian theater and Arsenal, Franciscan monastery, Benedictine monastery, Croatia Cathedral and many palaces… The old town of Hvar is the oldest town […]

THE KLIS FORTRESS – THE EXHIBITION OF USKOKS WEAPONS The event «The battle of Uskoks for Klis» is organized within the fortress of Klis, which is an overview of the historical defense of the fortress between the fugitives and the Ottoman army. This dramatic historical event revives medieval period when the fortress of Klis was […]



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