Park Nature Park is a well-known area preserved the unique nature, the contrast cliffs, quiet coves and lake Mir. People here are engaged in traditional activities in harmony with nature and satisfied visitors enjoy the variety of offers and have the opportunity to taste authentic island products. Park Nature Park features three basic phenomena: Telascica […]

On the moon craters are named after Andrew Mohorovicic, geophysicist, who in 1892 discovered a layer in the Earth’s crust where an increase in the velocity of propagation of seismic waves, and the detective Ivan Vucetic who in 1891 founded Dactyloscopcy by designing a classification system of fingerprints for identification purposes . Andrew Mohorovicic researched […]

Cres is the second largest island in Croatia (66 km), is located in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, and provides a north-south direction. On the north side of the Kvarner Bay, and in the south, in Osor, a movable bridge is connected with the island of Losinj. A special attraction is to emphasize the unusual natural phenomenon […]

Vrana Lake Nature Park is one of 11 nature parks in Croatia and includes Vrana Lake and its surroundings. Declared in 1999 on an area of ​​57 km2. Vrana is the largest natural lake in Croatia. This is actually a lake karst field filled with water and a rare example of cryptodepression. The park has […]

The road from the slum to top tables and, with respect to the “base material”, quite expensive delicacies for anchovies and anchovies lasted for a relatively long time, but their status is now untouchable. The salted small pelagic fish could be seen as a kind of variant of the marine prosciutto. In a further times, […]

Anyone who sets foot on the soil of the city of Korcula, which is located on the same island of the Adriatic Sea, will be thrilled by the beauty of elegant palaces and cobbled streets as the sun merges with the blue sea in the background. Streets are arranged in the shape of a fish […]

Dinara is a mountain in the Dinara mountains on the border of the Republic of Croatian and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dinara shares Livno field of Sinj, and makes natural border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatian. The highest peak, Gradina (1913 m) is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a top Sinjal or Dinara (1831 m) […]

UNESCO World Heritage Site consists of a World Heritage Site and World Heritage Sites. Since September 2006, the World Heritage by UNESCO has become and intangible heritage. Croatia now has 12 properties inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Lacemaking in Croatia; Feast of St. Blaise – the patron of Dubrovnik; Alka – […]

The amphitheater is located 200 meters northeast outside the city walls of Pula, according to the network Roman division. It is believed that the construction started already to Emperor Augustus. The amphitheater was built in tuskanskom style and occupies an area of 11,466 m². It is estimated that it could accommodate about 23,000 spectators. It […]

Golden war ‘’revived’’ due to strong winds and on its brink received nearly a spiral shape. Wind had arranged the way it fits, but this change, thankfully, is not permanent, and will beach the first opportunity to get their old form. The beach is located in Bol, on the southern coast of the island of […]



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